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Your forever after starts here. Where you, your love story & your legacy will find a photographer who will deliver amazing, who gets you – all of you – and who you are to each other.
I am the photographer for your intimate, unique, romantic wedding. I am the photographer for that distinguishing, elite, detail-driven couple seeking images that tell a story with a blend of natural posing, candids and beautiful light.

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Your Love Story

Your wedding day is for you: for the romance and chemistry, for the stunning bride that stopped everyone in their tracks, for the dashing groom that made every lady wish they had found him first. This is your love story. This is the beginning of your legacy.

Your Legacy

What will be the legacy that survives you, to tell of this day for generations? What will delight your children and theirs so that everyone who comes after you can not just imagine, but truly see how much in love you were, what a rockin’ party you threw, and how glamoroussexyincredible you were, too? What is the only thing from your wedding day that will tell that story of you for ages to come? Answer: the photographs. Those are truly the things that last forever. How do I know this? Because (and I’m not trying to bring sadness into this joy!) I have my mother’s wedding album and I cherish it, especially now that she’s gone. 40 years ago she married my dad and the only thing I have from their wedding, the only thing that survived those 40 years, was the photography album.

So how do you capture your legacy? 

With an awesome photographer. That’s how!

Your legacy deserves a photographer who understands lighting and posing and captures a mix of candids and romantic, natural images that truly allow you to remember it all in vivid detail  – his face as you walked down the aisle, that teary eyed smile as you read your vows, that intimate moment on the dance floor when the whole world disappeared. A photographer who can organize your family on the fly (even the ones who seem to be mysteriously missing (read: drinking at the bar)) for the family photos. (Never fear! I’ll find them!).

Your love story deserves a photographer who is an expert artist, the creative force at your side, giving you enough direction to make you look fabulous but not so much that you look fake, someone who offers think-outside-the-box images as well as classic, timeless ones that your mothers and grandmothers will love.

You deserve a photographer who will be your friend (because she is the person who you’ll see the most on your wedding day – yes even more than the person you’re marrying). A photographer who gives you that encouraging hug before you take a breath and walk down the aisle, who gives that comedian groomsman enough lead to be hysterical but not so much that he photo bombs every picture, and who maybe even holds your dress for you when you pee (true story).

You, your love story and your legacy deserve a photographer who can deliver amazing. A photographer who gets you – all of you – and who you are to each other.

And I am that photographer. Hooray! ; )

Bonus: it’s not just the wedding you’re getting – it’s the whole experience! We’ll plot and plan with meetings to discuss your vision, conversations (and maybe some wine, if you like!) to finalize the details, the engagement session that comes with every collection so that we can really have some fun and get to know each other (let’s face it, it’s kind of like dating!). I commit to working closely with you and/or your wedding planner on the absolute musts and details, delivering photography for your wedding that is unforgettable, immortalizing all the intimate, unique, romantic, extravagant, and even silly moments that tell your love story. Le sigh. And even if I break a sweat, I won’t break my stride.

So, let’s meet! Let’s chat! Let’s get this experience underway. I’m ready – are you?


I only accept a limited number of weddings per year, so be sure to contact me if you’re interested! Collections begin at $2800.

info@photographybyjacquelynn.com or 610-662-1823

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