Film is Back

I took a recent opportunity on Mt. Lemmon with a beautiful couple to shoot a roll of film – Fuji 400h color. Yes, film is back. I experimented with a very vintage camera (a Pentax K1000) and a few lenses I had purchased fourth hand from an antique store (yes, really). I thought the results were interesting, and while I had something different in mind in terms of what I expected, the soft yet grainy effect that appeared in the images, due I believe to the less-than-new lenses and camera, were somewhat pleasing. I have my first pro film camera still, and I think the next time I shoot a roll of film, I’ll use that instead : ) But it was fun to explore and get back to my roots! See the digital images here:

Pink floral bouquet designed by Country Couture in Tucson and beautiful dress by J Bridal Boutique

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